3D Models and Alice

Creating your own models

The urls below contain tutorials on using 3D Studio Max, and how to get models built in 3D Studio Max into Alice. We cannot stress strongly enough that experience as a graphics artist is needed to successfully build 3D models. Also, the critical part of building a 3D model for Alice is that the internal pivots must be connected in a hierarchical fashion -- otherwise, Alice has trouble loading the model and making the subparts move/rotate.
Here is a detailed step by step tutorial by Rebecca Scully on using Maya and 3DS Max to build an Alice character.
Travis East also built a tutorial on building models for Alice using 3DS Max.

Freely available 3D Models

The standard Alice 3D models are available from http://www.alice.org/gallery/index.html.

For help in downloading these galleries on a Macintosh, here is an mp4 tutorial.

old man

Ancient Models


Hawaiian Models


Pilgrim Models

Urban kids

Urban Kid Models

If you have 3D models you would be willing to share with the Alice community, please send them to us.

Contact Information:

     Wanda Dann: wpdann@andrew.cmu.edu
     Stephen Cooper: coopers@stanford.edu
     Don Slater: dslater@cmu.edu